The InterStellar Medium DataBase (ISMDB) allows quick and easy access to precalculated theoretical models for various ISM conditions and objects. ISMDB includes models produced by the Meudon PDR code and the Paris-Durham shock code.

Presently, ISMDB gives access to several thousands PDR 1.5.4 models covering different astrophysical conditions. Later, it will also contains shock models produced by the Paris-Durham shock code and it will be extended to other astrophysical conditions.

Prepare and interpret observations

To prepare and interpret observations, ISMDB provides an inverse search service to allow:

  • queries on observables to find the best models that match observations
  • access to line intensity maps in a parameter space (ex: density, UV flux) to prepare observations
  • download model results without running the code


To find the best models that have I(CO 1-0) between 2.4E-9 and 7.2E-8 erg cm-2 s-1 sr-1 for a face on PDR, enter in ISMDB:

  • I(CO v=0,J=1->v=0,J=0 angle 00 deg) > 1.9e-7
  • I(CO v=0,J=1->v=0,J=0 angle 00 deg) < 2.5e-7

To get estimations of the C+ 158 microns line intensity, enter in ISMDB:

  • I(C+ El=2P,J=3/2->El=2P,J=1/2 angle 00 deg)


Access to pre-calculated and curated models

On the contour maps produced by ISMDB, it is possible to click on the white circles (representing a model) to access the full results computed by the codes. This allows to download the same HDF5 files than those that would have been produced running the code yourself. These HDF5 files can be manipulated and analysed with our custom tools: IDAT and the Chemistry Analyser.

Content of ISMDB

October 2021

  • PDR 1.5.4 – isochoric PDR models
  • PDR 1.5.4 – isobaric PDR models

December 2016

  • PDR 1.5.2 – isochoric PDR models
  • PDR 1.5.2 – isobaric PDR models